About PRDC

Power Research and Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (PRDC) is a dynamic and strategic organization having multidisciplinary experience in providing lucid solutions. PRDC's strong and self-motivated team comprises of highly qualified technocrats with doctorates and techies from prestigious institutions across the nation. Research minded, solution oriented, quality driven and dedicated people with abundance experience are the motivation behind satisfying the customer expectations.

Company Profile

PRDC owns several products used by many power utility companies including many state electricity boards and academic institutions across the country. All the products were indigenously designed and developed by PRDC. The most prominent products are MiPower, PowerDSM, MiPADAM, PowerEMS, SCADA-EMS and GIS-MiPower for power utilities. PRDC is specialized in developing custom solutions for automation & simulation of manufacturing process. It has developed custom applications for the requirements of Maruthi Udyog Limited (India's leading Car manufacturer), Hero Honda Motors Limited (India's largest bike manufacturer), Bradma of India Ltd. (Leading Automation product suppliers), TISCO, CPRI, etc. PRDC is also involved in the development of real-time embedded systems. It has lent its services to ALIND and Prok Devices Pvt. Ltd. Microprocessor based distance relay involving DSP was developed for ALIND. Overcurrent & Earth fault Relay (OCEF Relay) was developed indigenously right from preliminary design to prototype and the total technology is transferred to Prok Devices Pvt. Ltd.

PRDC is a pioneer in lending its services to power sector in the form of system planning and operational studies. The ranges of services cater to the gamut of software related activities exclusively for power sector. We deal with feasibility studies, requirement specifications, hardware configuration and identification, project management, business process, reengineering, energy auditing and accounting, power system tools, custom application development and real-time embedded systems development.


PRDC's mission is to provide state-of-the-art solutions using state-of-the-art software and hardware equipment, architectural and design patterns, OOPS methodology and software development tools. It has strong infrastructure setup with UPS, backup facilities on tapes and/or DVD+RW, Client-server development environment, print / plot facility and 24 x 7 internet facility to support for off-shore and/or real-time development and/or services for its valuable customers.

RDC strongly believed and committed to meet the customer satisfaction with utmost precision as the highest priority. It believes to follow well established and industry proven standards during design and development of high quality solutions and/or best services. Since its inception, PRDC has been steadily advancing and recognizing towards better quality, service, innovation and customer satisfaction by tuning its organizational processes to meet the standards as suggested by ISO and CMMi organizations. PRDC is proud to announce that the company's average compounded growth rate has crossed 50% mark.

Group Activities

The group acivities are:

  • Power System Consulting
  • Software Development Group
  • Embedded System Solutions
  • Power Engineering Education