PRDC is pioneer in products and services related to power domain. We are the proud owners of the various products that cover wide categories of power domain such as generation, transmission and distribution that address to specific problems. Our products are in the market from more than 20 years and being used by numerous utilities for various types of system planning, analysis, design, operation control, maintenance solutions, scientific modeling and training simulators. PRDC products are not only used by the utilities, they are also being used by the academic and research institutions to teach power system. Our flagship product MiPower™ is used by 350+ colleges, 7 IITs and 8 NITs.

PRDC software team is driven by technical strong engineers capable of developing desktop, web and cloud based products and services. The biggest advantage of PRDC software team is that it is backed by domain experts in house which helps in power system business user needs and/or marketing goals into a software product by satisfying the end user expectations. Not only our team is capable of developing products, is also capable of integrating our products/solutions with the third party products seamlessly.

Services Offered

Based on the specific needs and requirements, the existing product will be customized or a new application will be developed. The team is capable of developing both desktop based as well as web based applications on various databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, DB2, MySQL and Access. The cutting edge technologies are used to meet the requirements in terms of both user interface as well as performance requirements.

Software team provides the support for maintenance of the applications delivered.. During the support and maintenance period user training, software upgrades, bug fixes (if any) will be handled.

In certain cases, the existing products/applications are to be enhanced by integrating with new modules required to meet the ever changing requirements. Our team has done numerous such seamless integrations with various applications such as GIS, SCADA, MDM, Billing etc. As part of IPDS/R-APDRP project, PRDC has successfully integrated NA (Network Analysis) software with various GIS packages such as ESRI, GE Small world and Zengeo.