MiPSMART -Smart Grid Simulation
MiPSMART™ – is a web based Smart Grid Simulation environment. The product is the only one of the kind that envisages the application of the smart grid concepts in real time. It is designed for the smart grid enthusiasts as a tool to understand the concepts, possibilities and applications of Smart Grid. Though it is aimed as a learning tool, the product design has been carried out in a fashion to accommodate the real time applications.
Thus making a useful tool for even the distribution companies to keep track of the consumer usage, and perform various other actions like encouraging them to reduce the usage or in other terms to effective manage their loads.
The product is built for four kinds of users namely,

  • Power producers to publish the day-ahead schedule and the costing.
  • Regulator who manages the tariffs, grid parameters and incentive mechanisms.
  • Service provider who manages the consumers, track their usage and manage the demand.
  • Consumer who can keep track of his/her usage, receive information on tariff’s/incentives and effectively manage the loads.