Careers > What is PRDC and what does it do?

PRDC is among the largest power system consulting companies in south Asia successfully operating since 1994. Located at the Silicon Valley of the country – Bangalore; it is the destination of choice for several managers, senior engineers, and other young engineers from power system and IT industry who have the burning desire to achieve and contribute their mite to the humanity. PRDC caters to the who-is-who of the Indian power sector, automobile and other industries. Most of the power transmission companies in the country and almost all leading automobile manufacturers of the country are among our prestigious customers. Indigenously developed flagship power system analysis software product of PRDC – MiPower™ is the only one of its kind in the nation that is used across the globe today. PRDC is the fastest growing company with Annual Combined Annual Growth is over 50%. PRDC is continuously expanding and the opportunities are unlimited.