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MiRA – Reliability Analysis

  • SAIFI - System Average Interruption Frequency Index
  • SAIDI - System Average Interruption Duration Index
  • CAIFI - Customer Average Interruption Frequency Index
  • CAIDI - Customer Average Interruption Duration Index

Polling the tamper data from the ETV meter, daily,weekly, monthly or yearly Segregation data in to Header & Tamper Data – Parsing Parses hexadecimal to decimal Updation of the Data to Database UI screens for - Meter configuration and polling schedule No Of Tripping per n KM of Line for Sub Division Level, Sub Station Level, Feeder Level and Meter Level

Subdivision Level Report

Index calculations for the subdivision level

Substation Level Report

Index calculations for both subdivisions and substations

Feeder Level Report

Index calculations for subdivision, substation and feeder

Meter Level Report

Index calculations for subdivision, substation feeder and meter

Meter Reading wise Report

Index calculations for subdivision, substation, feeder, and meter contains the failure type, Date and time of failure occurrence, duration of failure, RY voltage, BY voltage, RY Current and BY Current

MiEA – Energy Auditing

Consumer Identification Format Configuration

Consumer Data View

  • Creating consumer data view dialog
  • Popping of data from database if exists based upon meter id or consumer id.
  • Data will be displayed either meter id or consumer id.

Consumer Technical Loss

Energy Audit Study Execution and Report Generation

MiPDC – Protective Device Co-Ordination

  • Inbuilt discrimination time calculator
  • Optional inclusion of motor contribution during fault simulation
  • Zone 1, zone 2 and zone 3 setting for distance relays
  • Hot and cold curves considered
  • Phase and Earth relay co-ordination
  • Automatic / Interactive / Manual Primary-backup relay pairs generation


  • Text and Graphical Output
  • Export to AutoCAD
  • Thermal curves for each equipment
  • Optional Voltage input from load flow or flat start
  • Overload factor, unbalance factor and discrimination time for each relay
  • Extensive database of relays
  • Extensive fuse data
  • Easy adding of new relay to library
  • Graphical coordination Pick, drag and drop relay curves

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