OCEFRelay - Numerical Over Current And Earth Fault Relay - for Prok Dvs Pvt. Ltd.

Numerical Over Current Relay is a microcontroller based product for power utility. It is the first of its kind with wide range of settings and precession timing. Product is developed indigenously right from preliminary design to prototype. Development of Real-time Embedded Application is done in assembly language.


  • First successful implementation of AMI 250E (from Arcus Technologies)
  • Use of RISC microcontroller
  • Real-time four channel analog data acquisition at 12 MHz
  • 12 bit ADC (Analog to Digital Converter)
  • Fast Fourier Algorithm implementation
  • Numerical relay with the wide flexibility setting
  • Choice of 7 inverse time curves and 3 definite time ranges by switched selection
  • Circular buffering to avoid data losses
  • Serial communication interface
  • Detailed Fault indications
  • Very High response time