Engagement is all about creating an inclusive and high-energy packed environment, where employees are associated and energized to contribute to business success and growth of the Organization. We know that our strength lies on the people we work with, and we help them define their skills, talents and career growth @ PRDC. We believe in building long-term relationships with our consultants as well as with our clients. Our employees are highly motivated to give their best every day, which has been our competitive advantage in the Industry


We encourage sports in any form either it be for our company’s annual day or a marathon for a cause. Our employees do actively participate in these kinds of activities, showcasing the sense of oneness and unity we possess.

Relaxation, refreshment, gathering are our stress busters and we regularly take a break for a one day’s trip, where in various activities are planned & conducted. We enjoy the spirit of oneness and team binding during these activities which transforms to complete employee satisfaction.



Celebration is a regular routine activity within PRDC, in the form of birthdays or Women’s day. Art and culture is encouraged in many forms through contests and activity. Irrespective of caste, creed and religion we encourage our employees’ participation with full enthusiasm and competition.


Traditional and ethnic costumes are encouraged during ethnic / pooja day celebrations. We rejuvenate our energy and flaunt our ethnic wears on such occasions and commemorate and respect our culture and heritage. Celebrating with a difference is the motto of our organization.

      Luncheons with team members bring the entire team under one umbrella. To imbibe the culture of team unity the Management encourages such program to bridge the gap and bring open door policy.
Every drop of Blood does open the doors of faith in those needy eyes. Blood donation camp was organized in coordination with TTK group and our PRDC employees came in huge numbers and registered for the camp and 43 units were collected. Every drop counts.

Welcoming the New Year is always celebrated with a difference. During this celebration a huge amount for the welfare of an Old Age home and a seva trust was gathered, which was a proud moment for PRDC for being responsible citizens of our Country

Stress busters - to keep the employees fit, our yoga guru Sri. K. S. Suresha conducted Yoga classes to bring the energy and to remove the toxins of our body and mind.

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