Consultancy - Total Solution from nano-second to year head timeframe

The planning, design and operation of industrial and commercial power systems require several studies to assist in the evaluation of the initial and future system performance, system reliability, safety and the ability to grow with production and/or operating requirements. The study can vary from nano-second/micro seconds time frame for assessing switching transients to power system dynamics during seconds, minutes and hours time frame. Further, with the advent of electricity market consequent to restructuring of industry resulted in techno-economic models like demand forecast, reliability, load research, cost-to-serve, energy auditing & accounting etc., needs to be created. All the above tasks require a dedicated team which has deep understanding of the sector operations along with experience in cross-functional area and research capabilities.


PSC group is proud to have a strong team of self-motivated highly qualified technocrats with experience spanning 3 to 40+ years. The Team members have individually and collectively executed more than 1000 projects for power sector utilities including generation companies, transmission companies and distribution companies, and bulk power consuming industries like steel plants, aluminum plants, petro-chemical industries, etc. The team has modeled the power system from few buses for an industrial clientele to over 10000 buses for the National Grid system. The team has developed expertise in advising the clientele in the inter-regional power sales in India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat and vice-versa. Also the team has developed expertise in advising the clientele in other countries.


PSC group is proud to have clientele in a very broad spectrum ranging from government utilities, private sector utilities, Central Generating stations, Independent power producers, Merchant power plants, Steel industries, Aluminium Industries, Petro-chemical industries to very small generating plants and small scale industries. Further our clientele extends from far east Asian countries to Middle east and African Countries.

Consultancy Services

PSC group extends its consultancy services to both utility / grid connected clients and Industrial / commercial power system clients. The consultancy services are offered in various simulation time frames from nano-second/ micro-second time frame for ferro-resonance and fast and very fast transient studies to other time frame studies like Transient stability studies, Dynamic stability studies, Sub-synchronous resonance, Load flow analysis, Short circuit studies, Protection co-ordination studies, Harmonic analysis, Demand forecasting and Voltage stability analysis. Further, PSC group has developed models and offered consultancy services in Demand forecasting (Time series, Econometric and partial end use modeling), Reliability analysis, Load research, Cost to serve, Business plan for utilities, Energy auditing & accounting, Ground / Earth mat design, Insulation co-ordination, Design of NGRs and Disturbance analysis. PSC group team with cross functional experience in the power sector can undertake all simulations and offer cost effective solutions to all the clientele.