PowerRMS - Cold Rolling Mill Simulator

PowerRMS is Automatic Dynamic Tadem Cold Rolling Mill Simulator. PowerRMS is highly effective tool in a Cold Rolling Mill. As the strip is passed through various stages of processing till the finish, various parameters like roll forces, roll speeds, motor loading, roll screws position, strip shape etc. are to be carefully set. Hence all these parameters with their associated control systems are modeled accurately in the simulator. Off-line algorithms are used to estimate the parameters based on the characteristics of the material and roll mill model. These estimated parameters along with measured parameters are used as input to the simulator. After successful simulation runs for all possible cases, the simulation can be adopted to online application.


  • Improved yield during acceleration and deceleration
  • Increased rate of production
  • Effective power utilization
  • High speed coil handling
  • Consistent Mill operations independent of crew
  • Greater control of shape and thickness
  • Less variations in thermal crown
  • Faulty instrumentation detection
  • Better lubrication control