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Power Research & Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (PRDC® ), Bangalore, India

About PRDC® 

PRDC®  is one of the largest power system consulting firms in south Asia based in Bangalore. PRDC®  is the only company in India to have indigenously developed a software product called MiPower®, which is accepted today as one of the best power system software across the globe. PRDC®  is engaged in research & development activities in the area of power system analysis and simulation for the past 14 years. Besides R&D, power system consulting and MiPower® software sales and support is the core business. PRDC®  is also into the development of special purpose software, embedded system and power system education.

Reason for instituting this award

Looking at the recent trends in the academia and the market, PRDC®  decided to encourage and motivate power system community. Power sector is the backbone of the economy and is at the critical juncture with requirement of investment to be more than Rs. 4 Lakh Crores in India during current plan and over $10trillion worldwide. In this endeavor, promoting research in core power system is necessary in order to optimize on the investment. But it is seen that the power sector is not attracting enough talent with most of electrical engineers preferring commercial software development jobs dumping the precious knowledge they earned over several years at college and some time even professional experience.

In order to promote research in the power sector, PRDC®  has decided to encourage the students, research scholars and power engineering professionals to pursue in their core stream and contribute to the power system community. The level of satisfaction one gets in working in their own domain is high and making achievements is still far higher. We strongly believe that, an achiever is recognized and rewarded for his / her excellent work.


  • Any under graduate / post graduate / research scholar in electrical engineering from India or abroad.
  • Any faculty working for and academic institutions in India or abroad.
  • Any professional engineer serving for government / private / MNC.
  • Any professional consultants.

How to participate

All you have to do is send two hard copies of the published paper along with entry form duly attested by the head of the institution / firm stating that it is an original paper by the author that has never been submitted to PRDC®  any time before. It must be addressed to the coordinator, Merit Awards + Cash Reward. You must clearly mention the name of the journal / conference with reference to the page number, volume and title of the journal/conference in the entry form.

Merit Award Certificate

A Merit Award Certificate will be issued to the eligible participant after due verification.

Cash Reward

Cash reward will be as follows:

Rs. 50,000/- for all IEEE / IET journal publication.

Rs. 20,000/- for all other refereed international journals including Indian origin.

Rs. 10,000/- for all other refereed Indian journals.

Rs. 10,000/- for international and national level conference – IEEE / IET / NPSC / TENCON / CIGRE only.


  • This award is open for the citizens of India only.
  • Final decision of PRDC®  will be binding on all participants. No dispute is entertained under any circumstances.
  • PRDC®  reserves the right to change the amount of cash prize at any point of time with no prior intimation to whomsoever.
  • PRDC®  reserves the right to withdraw this award at any point of time with no prior intimation to whomsoever.
  • Only one entry per paper is entertained.
  • All entries must be original and certified by the head of the institution / firm.
  • MiPower® software should have been used in the simulation and name should be cited in the paper.
  • Only English language papers are considered.
  • Only papers that are published in respective journal / conference are considered.
  • Requisite proof ascertaining point no. 9 above must be submitted along with 2 hard-copies of the paper.
  • There is no fee of any kind for the participation.
  • Papers are accepted through out the year and award is given away twice in the year. Once in the month of April and once again in the month of October. All successful participants will be notified through email and post 15 days in advance.
  • Merit Award certificate will be issued to all the valid entries. For IEEE / IET journal category, two best papers will be selected for the cash reward in a six months duration. For refereed international journal category, 3 best papers will be selected for the cash reward in a six months duration. For other two categories, 5 best papers will be selected for each category for the cash reward in a six month duration.
  • In case of multiple authors, award amount will be divided equally among all the authors. Full postal address along with the PIN code and atleast one land line phone number of each author should be clearly mentioned in the entry / application form.
  • TDS will be done on the amount payable, as per prevailing rules.

Contact: Co-ordinator, Merit Awards + Cash Reward

Name : Coordinator, Head – R&D
Phone : +91 (0) 80 4245-5555
Fax : +91 (0) 80 4245-5556 / 2319-2210 email:

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